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Are you starting to question whether you will ever become a mother?

Asking yourself, if what seems so easy for some, will ever happen to you?

When you hear a friend sharing the news that they ‘got pregnant’ do you feel ashamed that you are not overwhelmed with joy for them?

When you are trying to get pregnant, life is very stressful

Often the romance of 2 creating a child is overridden by the desperate need to ‘do it now because I am ovulating’

Your body can suffer tremendous stress and what is supposedly a joyful time, leaves you feeling frustrated, at times resentful and often guilty

However, it is the crushing effect that this has on us mentally that is most upsetting

Becoming pregnant is not just about your physical health, but your mental health too

Many women report that they do not feel like themselves anymore, that they are just an incubator, who is poked and prodded, with people constantly telling them, ‘if you just relax it will happen’

Whilst everyone wants to help with their suggestions and well-meaning advice, that originates from a place of love, you find that you are inundated with options and opinions

Sometimes you need to get some professional expertise to help you along and that’s where we can help

Momma Green can help you to take charge of your mothering future

We support mothers in their journey to grow their child through the use of specific health coaching, guided nutritional planning and outcome focused hypnotherapy

Our programs are designed to create a joyful experience for you and your partner, allowing you to fulfill your dreams of becoming a parent

Our services for “parents to be” include health coaching to ensure that you are in premium health, hypnosis to help you reach relaxed states where your body can heal itself, as well as a large range of skin care treatments that are able to help you safely maintain your health and well-being throughout conception and pregnancy

We are honored and proud to get such positive feedback from our clients and we enjoy seeing them return to us to undertake our Blissful Birthing Classes

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