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9 months ago my journey began with finding out i was pregnant which should have been a great journey but it started off quite the opposite.

After having psorasis for 4-5 years on and off it had flared up big time with this pregnancy, i was tired, sick and couldnt really be bothered waking up and going to work every morning. Until i was referred to Mommagreen which has changed everthing from the way i eat to the products i used.

Amanda you are amazing you made me feel so happy even if it was just talking or emailing and going above and beyond helping me feel much better.

Going through all the testing to finding out what i was intolerent to really opened my eyes and helped me the most.

After taking your advice and trying to removing bad foods from my diet and taking on a few things you had recommended i became my old self, my skin started to clear and my mood was much better (ask my boss).

I would highly recommend Mommagreen to all friends family as they are Awesome and were always the best of the best.

Thank-you again
From Sue 

The first day of school was near and my eldest son who suffers from anxiety wasn’t nervous but looking forward to it. I was happy and thought no problems this year, fingers crossed. I was relieved when the
first day of school came around and he was fine, he said goodbye and I took my middle child to his first day of primary school.

Day two came around, and my eldest son couldn’t go to class, his separation anxiety had set in, I didn’t know what to do as nothing I had
tried in previous year’s worked except for tough love. So the tough love came out and it was just becoming worse, day three, day four and then we were in week 3 of school and it was still going on. He couldn’t go to class, he was so upset and the teacher had to start using firm words. The teacher reassured me that once he was in class he was fine for the rest of the day, it was just the initial goodbye and getting into the classroom which was the problem.

I didn’t know what to do, I spoke to friends who had gone through the same thing with some of their children but everything they told me I had already tried and it wasn’t working. Trying to talk to him about it was
hard as he couldn’t express what he was actually feeling, so I called Amanda from Momma Green and we had a telephone session in which she gave me the best advice, things I didn’t even think of doing. After the first week we have had no problems with our son.

I can not thank Amanda enough for the advice she gave me, something so little that parents may not think about, can have such a big impact on a child.

Thanks Amanda

From Ann-Maree

I was nervous about taking the step to see Momma Green but from the first phone call I was at ease and I couldn’t wait for my first session.

I booked in for the three session weight loss hypnotherapy and it has changed my life so far, I used to just think about being active but now my “brain is in gear my body is in motion” (Amanda says this all the time).
I don’t even think about it now exercise is just a reflex and I love it.

My favorite thing though would be the way I felt after each session, as a mother of two I was sleep deprived and lethargic but after each session I was calm but energetic which sounds like a weird combination.

I highly recommend Momma Green to anyone wanting to make a change but not sure where to start

Thank you so much for everything

From Lisa

When my son started falling behind at school I didn’t know what to do, he had remedial lessons, speech therapy a tutor, it was like I was paying out money hand over fist but still not getting results. In fact it almost made him dislike school even more because there was so much focus on reading and writing.

On his first meeting with Amanda so got up and packed up all the books in the room and put them away telling him that they would be focusing on the things he liked. Of course he loved this! Like Amanda says “If a child hates reading the last thing I am going to ask them do is more reading” No doubt the methods are different but that’s why they work, Tom could not wait for his sessions at Momma Green, he would play games, learn about relaxation, do things he was successful at so that his confidence would grow, he even played computer games, all of these things distracted his conscious mind so that Amanda could work on his unconscious mind, he didn’t even know he was learning.

I wish I had found Momma Green sooner, Thanks a million!

From Jasmine