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Hypnotherapy Birth: Are You Looking Forward To Meeting Your Baby, But Apprehensive About The Physical Birth?

Have you been inundated with horror birth stories and well meaning advice on what-to-do and what-not-to-do in the birthing suite?

Though birth is a natural process, it is also physically taxing on the body and on the mind

Being able to feel that you are physically and emotionally prepared for the birth is the key to achieving the birth that you desire, whatever your vision may be

With 308,100 births in Australia in 2013 a woman has a 32 per cent chance of having a caesarean section and other medical interventions include induction, episiotomy or epidural

Although there are various reasons for the increase in medical interventions, many start with the request for pain relief during labour, which can cascade into additional medical interventions

This is the reason Momma Green has introduced the ‘Blissful Birthing Program’, to help mothers and their partners use hypnotherapy birth.

Hypnotherapy birth programs present birth as gentle, perhaps even comfortable, and teach women that they can rely on their body and mind to get through the process

For some women, this is in keeping with their beliefs about birth, and they may find the ‘Blissful Birthing Program’ the best childbirth preparation class as it:

  • Creates a peaceful birthing experience and peaceful baby
  • Assists the parents in the understanding of the process of childbirth and their birth options
  • Provides expectant couples with resources and tools that can be accessed throughout the birthing process
  • Focuses on giving control to the mother, teaching her to focus on tuning into her body  through relaxation, breathing and visualisations
  • Allows mothers to eliminate the fear-tension-pain pattern before, during and after the birth
  • Minimizes resistance of muscles to pain, often with a shortened delivery time
  • Helps control nausea, vomiting and can help to reduce post-partum depression
  • Reduces the need for episiotomies, anesthesia, pain drugs and medical interventions
  • Enables partners to feel that they are an integral part of the birthing process instead of being a helpless bystander, they are able to actively support their partner and child


To find out more about how our “Blissful Birthing” program, and to find out how Momma Green can help you have an enjoyable birthing experience, email us now.