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holistic counselling and therapy North Lakes


Do You Feel Like You Just Need A Little Bit Of Support?

Would It Be Helpful If Someone Could Just Help You Cut Through The Fog?

Momma Green prides themselves on developing a unique blend of Holistic Counselling and Human Development Therapy. We have worked with Mother’s, Teen’s, Children and even entire families!

We are not here to judge you or to make you feel like asking for help is a weakness, we are here to help you develop a more positive outlook, increased confidence and to give you the tools you need to love life again. Momma Green’s Counselling and Therapy will help you expand your personal growth, strengthen self awareness and provide assistance in improving your personal relationship with your family.

Our Counselling and Therapy services are available for North Lakes and Brisbane area clients as well as clients from all over the Sunshine Coast.

If you would like to know more about our Counselling and Therapy please call or email or message us on our Facebook page and Twitter. Let us help you live the life you wished for.