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Did You Know That An Estimated 75% Of Children Test Positive To A Wheat Allergy?

Did You Know That Sugar Sends The Brain Haywire? (It Actually Produces  Similar Results To Cocaine)

Do You Know That Most Children Eat Less Nutritious Food At School Than They Do At Home?

Isn’t This A Disservice To Teachers Everywhere?

At a “Let’s Talk Tuckshop” Workshop we will look at standard tuckshop foods and recipes and give you easy, health alternatives.

We will have an open and honest discussion about the behavioral, environmental and health aspects of standard tuckshop foods and we will  show you how you can source healthy alternatives at wholesale prices.

We aren’t here to throw out your menu! That just wouldn’t work, we are  here to work with you to make simple, health conscious changes that will benefit your school as a whole.

These workshops are conducted on the weekend and run for approximately half a day depending on the amount of attendees.

If you are ready to make a change that will benefit you, your students, your teachers and your school call or email us now.