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Rapid Learning for University

UNIVERSITY failure rates are at their highest level for more than a decade, with more than 166,000 ­students failing or withdrawing from at least one unit of study in 2013 (Source:  Daily Telegraph 15 July 2014 )

Learning at university is self-paced and often students struggle with the pressure of a change in the learning environment, different teaching styles and the deadlines

Coming from a High School environment students are used to smaller classes, having teachers remind them that work is due and knowing most of their peers

At University lectures are much larger and impersonal, missed deadlines means failed classes and there are so many new faces to get to know

Using specific study focussed techniques; our clients have seen changes in their confidence and ability from the very first session

They have worked hard to be successful in their school life, help to set them up for success in University too

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