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The team at Momma Green work with adults, children and families in times of anxiety, illness, grief, vulnerability and crisis, providing the tools and support required to encourage them on their journey of healing and discovery. Any crisis triggers mental and emotional responses and, with the right support, we can acknowledge, heal and move forward from these situations, allowing us to rise above them and, in time, heal

Professional, ethical and clinical training provides a strong basis for all of our services however it is the human elements of compassion, care and understanding that are most beneficial to our clients. At Momma Green you will find kindness, understanding and empathy as we too have experienced grief, loss and sadness, we know how it feels during your lowest moments but we also know that it is possible to navigate a path back to a happy and fulfilling life

atpatpOur services are always tailored to the individual and the individual’s situation, this means that no two sessions may be the same but it also means that your healing journey is created specifically for you. Your session may include Holistic Counseling, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Health Coaching, Detox Therapy, Reiki or Energy Work, please contact us today and allow the healing to begin


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