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Are you a Hypnotherapist or Meditation Instructor?

Would you like to add a life-changing dimension to your skill set?

The Momma Green Regression Course could be exactly the training your are looking for to help your clients quickly, effectively and safely


Course Description

This Online Video Course Includes:

  • Engaging Video Lessons
  • A Guided Regression Meditation Session
  • Everything you have ever wondered about Regression Therapy
  • Lifetime access and unlimited support from your trainer via an exclusive Facebook Group






Conducted by a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Holistic Counsellor, Amanda Tunney, operating under a strict code of ethics and guidelines.

Online Regression Therapy Course for Hypnotherapists and Meditation Therapist

Using regression therapy Momma Green has been able to help thousands of people conquer phobias, fears, anxieties and physical pain, now this opportunity is available to you.


Are Your Clients limited by self defeating beliefs? Are they stuck in the past?

Everyone experiences pain, whether this pain is due to childhood trauma, broken relationships, grief and loss or phobias and addictions, for some this pain can be unbearable and have a detrimental effect on their life. But what if you could help them heal from that pain in as little as one session? Imagines the life changing work you could achieve!


Help your clients conquer?

  • Debilitating fears
  • Unexplained pain
  • Feelings of panic and anger
  • Help them to remove feelings of guilt or depression
  • Give them control over their thoughts and emotions
  • Help them to feel alive again
  • Take them to the source of relationship problems and help them to stop repeating the same patterns

All of these could be symptoms that your client could have unresolved pain from past experiences? Help your client to understand the source of these problems and keep them from experiencing more pain. You can know learn this amazing technique and continue to practice with full support from your trainer.

These incredibly effective and safe alternatives can help your client to go back into the past and release this patterning in as little as one session.


Help your clients to Break Free Now

In this exclusive Practitioners only course you will be guided on an amazing journey and you will explore and marvel at the limitless human mind

During this online course you will:

  • Learn how to regress a client
  • Experience a regression meditation
  • Retrieve and release memories from childhood and prior lives in order to find more peace, joy and health in the present
  • Practice these techniques and learn how to apply them safely to your client situations
  • Discover a complete new tool to add to your practice

You will now have a way to lessen or remove you client’s troubles and worries and also learn how to tap into the limitless power of memory and the human mind.

I really enjoyed this course, i found it very interesting & easy to follow and understand. Amanda has a very relaxed, calm way of teaching – which i found suited me well.

I enjoyed how it was split into 3 shorter videos each week to keep my interest and enable me to watch them individually as I got time

I loved the course delivery and group feel, to be able to not just complete my training but gain ideas and network with other professionals with different perspectives

Amanda has a very kind and gentle nature, very encouraging and helpful. Nothing was ever too much trouble, extremely happy with the course and the results I’m having already with my clients. I can highly recommend the course run by Amanda

Very interesting and informative, Amanda is very professional and encouraging

Join us for a fully guided and mentored experience into Regression Therapy exclusively created for Hypnotherapists and Meditation Instructors

All of this for only $249 when you enroll and pay in full

Or for 6 easy payment of $49.00 (Total investment $294.00)