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honey_20141223_1094760793Are you confused about natural sweeteners?

Would you like to begin using natural sweeteners such as honey but feel confused about how much to substitute? Don’t worry, our FREE download fact sheet explains all about natural sugars and tells you which quantities to use in place of sugar.


healthy-food-balance-calorieAll foods have a distinct energy and characteristic properties that either make us healthy, balancing and nourishing our bodies, or create imbalances that result in sickness.

This is food energetics and knowledge of food
energetics can help one build a stronger sense of health and well-being

by eating different foods that impose different effects. Like the saying, “you are what you eat.”  To find out about food energetics download our free guide here.


vitamin d 2While experts agree that vitamin D is crucial, there is some controversy over the best way to get it.
Vitamin D is naturally present in very few foods.

Let’s take a moment to learn about Vitamin D and it’s sources.

what type of learner

What types of books do you most like to read?

If you are having difficulty spelling a word would you most likely

When waiting in a queue are you most likely going to be:

When you see the word “love” do you:

When studying for a test, exam or event do you:

Finish this sentence… When learning I prefer to…

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